A Multiverse platform

Multiverse Approach If the different rule systems allow playing in many different Universes, we are also proposing a closely linked set of playgrounds through the Future Memories Universe. This Universe, with its History and its different Ages, allows playing Heroic Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptics or SF Scenarios (more, …). We followed the same spirit when choosing the other rule […]

A Multi-Rules platform

A Multi Rules Platform Magna Regula approach is to cover as many Role Playing Game rule systems as possible. Currently it includes the following rule systems: SagaS, a basic RPG distributed under Open Game License (OGL). More information is available on a specific website presenting SagaS rules. The first usage of these rules is the Future Memories Universe;  PathFinder […]

We are ready…

Magna-Regula has reached a significant milestone ! The website is now in “alpha+” version. It can be tested for invited GameMasters and for those players willing to try to create characters and see what happens. Functionalities already implemented are: Characters creation and management for SagaS and PathFinder RPG without forgetting the No Rule RPG, Scenarios […]