What is Magna-Regula ?

Magna-Regula addresses :

RPG Platform in the Cloud

Gamemasters : easily create your Scenarios, using ready-to-use items Library (maps, buildings, indoor items, ...) ; play online (gameplay) or off-line (PDF)
Players: create and improve your Characters in the Cloud


Gamemasters: dream your Adventures in your beloved World among those available.
Players: manage as any Characters as you want in your favorites World, and with your favorite Gamemasters.


Gamemasters: choose your Rules : Sagas, Pathfinder, ..., including No Rules.
Players: manage your favorite Characters with your favorite Rule Systems, using beautifully crafted Character Sheets

Immersive Gameplay

Gamemasters and Players benefit from a fast and reactive 2D/3D gameplay and from a strong interactivity (chat, video, jukebox, ...)


Gamemasters and Players access to marketplace where you may buy and sell Scenarios and Add-ons


Magna-Regula is also a Community. Everyone can use Forums and participate

Latest News

We are ready…

Magna-Regula has reached a significant milestone !The website is now in "alpha+" version. It can be tested for invited GameMasters.Next object...

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