Welcome on Magna Regula

Soon to come

The Magna Regula project is under development. Our first step is to go to kickstarter crowdfunding to develop the best Role Playing Game Player and Game Master online experience (“in the cloud”).
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What is the Magna Regula project

For Players and Game Masters

Magna Regula aims RPG Players as well Game Masters. Players will be able to store and manage their Characters online and propose them to Game Masters.

It allows too Gamemasters to conceive, manage and run their Scenarios online, with 2D and 3D stuff.

Magna-Regula also includes SagaS, a RPG by itself, open source, distributed under the OGL license (Open Game License), but the platform is also compatible with other RPGs :
– Pathfinder OGL,
– Runequest OGL.
Magna-Regula allows GM to create, sell or share their scenarios on our market place.
Magna-Regula is also a place with Forums, for sharing experience.

Status :
Project Status : Before launching Kickstarter Project

Website Status : alpha version

Net Step : beta version

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A Multi-Rules platform

Magna Regula approach is to cover as many Role Playing Game rule systems as possible. Currently it includes the following rule systems:

  • SagaS, a basic RPG distributed under Open Game License (OGL). More information is available on a specific website,
  • PathFinder SRD distributed under OGL,
  • Runequest SRD distributed under OGL.

A Multi-Universe platform

The RPG SagaS is also a World, with its History and its different Ages, allowing playing Heroic Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptics or SF Scenarios (more, …)

Each Rule System may be associated with multiple playing universes. As an example the SagaS rule system is associated to the XXX world with different playable ages (see the specific website describing it: https://sagas.cloud/fr/monde-et-histoire-de-sagas/).


An Enhanced Users shared experience

 Magna Regula also includes Forums, for sharing Experiences. Two kinds of forum are provided, one for rule topics, the second for Universes questions.

Designed and Operated by RPG Veterans

The team behind this development is composed of experimented Players and Game masters. They participated to one of the first French RPG dedicated Fanzine, Runes (see https://runes-le-magazine.com), in the mid-eighties. They also created the well-known always existing tournament in ISAE SupAero (see https://www.facebook.com/ConventionSupaero), one of the oldest in Europe.

You can get in touch with us by email : contact@magna-regula.cloud