THE Cloud platform for players and Gamemasters
Magna Regula allows players and Gamemasters to manage thair characters, their scenarios, their games from only one location and everywhere in the world!
Players and Gamemasters many Aids
Managing your characters, your scenarios have never been easier and more thanks to 2D / 3D tools ro enrich your worlds, your games...
3D immersive Atmosphere
Players see actually their environment as it leading to questions to Gamemaster focussed on the play and not on details. Questions such as "but where is he?" are now irrelevant.

Magna-Regula and What it is

RPG Platform in the cloud

Gamemasters: easily create your scenarios, using ready-to-use items libraries (maps, buildings, indoor items…); play online (gameplay) or off-line (pdf);

Players: create and improve your characters in the Cloud.


Gamemasters: dream your Adventures in your beloved worlds among those available.

Players: manage as many Characters as you want in your favorite Worlds, and with your favorite Gamemasters.


Gamemasters: choose your Rules: SagaS, PathFinder… even No Rules.

Players: manage your favorite Characters with your favorite Rule systems using beautifully crafted Character Sheet.

Immersive Gameplay

Gamemasters and Players benefit from a fast and reactive 2D/3D gamplay and from a strong interactivity (chat, video, jukebox…)


Gamemasters and Players access to marketplace where you may buy and sell scenarios, add-ons, posters, Gamemasters screens, …

Some items are free to Use.


Magna Regula is also a community. If social network is possible (Facebook, Discord…), Forums exists in order to let you participate directly inside the platform.

A Multiverse platform

Multiverse Approach If the different rule systems allow playing in many different Universes, we are also proposing a closely linked set of playgrounds through the Future

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A Multi-Rules platform

A Multi Rules Platform Magna Regula approach is to cover as many Role Playing Game rule systems as possible. Currently it includes the following rule

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We are ready…

Magna-Regula has reached a significant milestone ! The website is now in “alpha+” version. It can be tested for invited GameMasters and for those players

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