Online Repository for Characters and Scenarios

For Players

As a Player, you can create and manage Characters. These Characters are engaged in Gameplays, and all their Characterics and Assets are stored online and available anywhere. Following the Rules you used, your Characters can evolve at your GameMaster’s discretion.

For Gamemasters

As a Gamemaster, you can create Scenarios, and design them. You choose the World you want, the Age, and you design the Map, the NPC, the encounters, the rewards, …

After designing a 2D map (plain, hill, river, road, villages, …), SagaS is able to create a 3D world representing your Map, on which every Character you want can connect.

This is not a replacement of Players around a table, mastered by their favorite Gamemaster. It is an additional immersion in 3D, allowing Characters to see each others, under the control of the Gamemaster.

It is a huge improvement of the dirty whiteboard laid on the table !